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Firmware upgrade from 3.9c to 4.2V or 5.0V fails

I have an (older, shows v2 on board) 2.6" module with 2MB flash that was updated to V3.9C.  I tried to upgrade to any newer version, including V5.0 using the "manual" reset method and it seems to work but resets to an all white screen.  Here are my steps:

1. Connect to PC using FT232 adapter (set for 5V operation) with RX-->CLK and DATA-->GND

2. Run RealTerm on Win10 set to 57600 baud as indicated in instructions

3. Short the button pads as indicated in instructions until I get an "S" in Realterm

4. Reconnect TX-->DATA and use RealTerrm "send file" command to send 2IN6_FLASH_V5V.hex file.  I tried with XON/XOFF and with 10ms delayed send separately

5. As soon as download starts, a "Y" is displayed next to the "S" in RealTerm

6. Once file send completes, RealTerm shows a "G" next to the "SY".  So now it shows "SYG"

The display resets and shows a White screen only.  Sending a clear display command does nothing and sending "DC1" does not cause the display to show the info screen on bootup.  I have tried firmware V40V and V42V with the same results.

I cannot find firmware V3.9C to regress so what should I do next?

RE:Firmware upgrade from 3.9c to 4.2V or 5.0V fails

If you are in Canada, the simplest way is to mail the display to our service dept. by using oversized mail (postage only $1.94) to have us to recover the damaged firmware.

RE:Firmware upgrade from 3.9c to 4.2V or 5.0V fails

 Great, will do.  Thanks!

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