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HOW TO:Custom and Upgrade firmware for Digole Serial Display on Vx.xB

Upgrade able firmware download link: http://www.digole.com/fw

Any buyers received the Digole Serial display with pre-loaded firmware version affixed with "B" (mean bootloader version, like V3.5B, V3.6B), can upgrade firmware which released from Digole by using UART and I2C now. IMPORTANT: The released .hex files were encrypted and have special data structure, it can't be wrote directly on the module by using any programmer! otherwise your module will be un-usable.

This instruction only for UART mode, so, please remember: SET THE MODULE BACK TO UART, if you jumpered it to I2C or SPI

You need 1) a desktop or laptop computer, 2) an USB to UART adapter, 3) a software driving UART, freeware like Coolterm, Realterm.

You even can use a micro-controller to do this through UART or I2C ports.

There are 2 methods on UART mode: 1) slow method, using delay at the end of each line on .hex file, can drive multiple display modules(must be same modle) at same time, by connectiong the , 2) fast method is using Xon/Xoff flow control, only one display module each time.

The slow method can be used on all displays, but the fast method only can be used on the displays with 6 pin header (need bi-directional communication).

The process of slow method is very simple: use the CoolTerm program(it's free on platform of Windows, MAC OS and Linux) to send firmware data in .hex file to the Digole display through USB->UART adapter, the brief steps are: 1) send command "BLUBL}" to display, tell it that need to upgrade firmware; 2)set a wait time of 30ms at each line of data sent, this will give enough time to the display to write one line of firmware to the MCU); 3) switch the Baud to 57600 (this is fixed rate), then send the .hex file to the display; .

1) prepare a computer, an USB->UART adapter, a Digole serial display with preloaded firmware of Vx.xB, such as V3.5B, V3.6B, older firmeare can't be upgraded

2) connect VCC and GND power supply pins from USB->UART adapter to display, and TX from adapter to RX on the display (for fast Method, you also need connect RX from USB adapter to TX on the display):

3) open CoolTerm program (or similar program which can operate the USB->UART adapter:

4) Click "Options" button, and select the port for USB->UART adapter, Baud is 9600 (you need to check "XON" if using fast method)

5) Click the "Transmit" page, set the 30ms delay at each line of data sent (for fast method, you don't need set this page )

6) click the "connect" button to active the USB->UART adapter, select "Send string" function

7) (NOT required, just for testing)send "TT" command and termiantor value of 0 to display to test the connection is correct:

8.(NOT required, just for testing)if all good so far, you will see the test text on the screen like below

9) send upgrade firmware command "BLUBL}" to the display

10) you will see the display is blank now. note: you can terminate the process of upgrade firmware at this time, just recycle the power

11) back to "Options" menu, set the Baud rate to 57600, don't change any thing else

12) select "Send Textfile..." meanu

12) Choose the .hex released from Digole for upgrade or customized for special user, then click "Open".


13) Now, the program will send the .hex file to the display according to your setting.

14) You CAN'T terminate the upgrading process at this time

Almost done upgrading

15) Bingo! customized or upgraded firmware write to display success!

RE:HOW TO:Custom and Upgrade firmware for Digole Serial Display

 Hi Administrator

where i can download the new hex firmaware file ? I can´t find the link. 


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