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Dry Film Negative Photoresist Sheets for PCB, Minimum Order: 10

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6x8 inch Dry Film Negative Photoresist Sheets

(Need 20g developer for 10 sheets)

PCB DIY procedure (Toner transfer & Photoresist Film Method)
Prepare copper
clad board
Print artwork on transfer paper* Transfer artwork to PCB Etching*
Print artwork on clear paper Apply Photoresist* Expose Develop*
*: Click the link to buy that item

You can create incredibly fine, detailed circuit boards using this high quality hotoresist.  It is the same material that professional PCB shops use.

This list not include developer for this film, if you want you can buy the developer here, you need 20g developer for 10 sheets of 6x8 inch size, please note, you need a negative developer, don't use positive developer. THANKS

These film is good to product 12x18cm PCB.

Contents include:

  • One sheets of Negative acting (Means UV exposed area of film will stay on board)photoresist.  Each sheet is 6x8 inches or 15x20 cm.
How to use it :
  1. Prepare: Clean your board. Cut dry film a little larger than your board.
    Need Copper Clad Board? Buy it! Watch the movie on youtube
  2. Apply Resist: This Photoresist has 3 layers, the top and bottom layers are clear protective layer, so at the first, you need remove one protective layer, the easy way is to use two small pieces of scotch tape. Then apply the middle layer on board.
     A-- Apply using a hot roll laminator. This is the easist and professional way to do it.
    Apply using your hand. Starting from one corner and ending to the cross corner, use your palm to remove all air bubble between film and board, set the iron temperature about 130°C, apply the hot iron down onto the film and PCB, pressing them both flat and putting them under pressure.
  3. Expose: Place your negative artwork over the rest protective layer.  Use a glass to press the artwork to the board snuggly, then expose to UV light source or under sunlight,the source of light should be at least 8" away from the artwork. The best exposure time is depends, but you can easy to recognize it: the color of film is changing from light blue to dark blue.
  4. Develop: Remember: you need NEGATIVE film developer, Remove the rest protective layer on the film, now only resist left on the board, develop board in developer solution that mixed by 1g developer powder with 100g(or 100ml) water (~1% by weight).  After 3 minutes take board out of developer and hold under running water to check,you can always place it back in the developer if needs more time. Need Developer? Buy it!.
  5. Etch board.
    Need Etchant? Buy it!

Once etched, photoresist can be removed by drain cleaner or soda solution, or if you like just leave the resist on the board to protect the copper from oxidation.

Your board is ready to use.


Tips to a perfect circuit board:

    • Print the dark areas on negative artwork as black as possible, the black area should block all light.
    • You can use Vellum or Tracing paper.  they are virtually transparent to UV light.


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