I found Arduino don't accept long string format like "ABC\x00\x01....", but accept array like: {65,66,67,0,52,...}, the first 2 bytes are the data length in INT, so the total length of array is data length+2. The output format can be copy->paste to new welcome screen and micro commands data on Digole COLOR OLED module, this module not only accept bitmap but also accept all internal commands in welcome screen data. This tool also can convert binary file to string/array, and array to string/binary file
If Show ASCII checked, such convert the value from "\x0a\x46" will show as "\x0aF" this will cause some C compile to treat this value as "\xaf" not "\x0a\x46", you need un-checked the "Show ASCII" before you copy the C format string to your code. This tool only take 2 chars after "\x", "\x0aF" is OK here but not in C compiler
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C format string Input/Output Show ASCII

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