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Digole Universal 12864 GLCD serial:UART/I2C/SPI display adapter chip(PIC18F26Q10-ISS) for ST7920/KS0108/ST7565

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The MCU is PIC18F26Q10, all pinout and firmware are compatible with original PIC18F26K20(Shortage on market now)  

This chip is same with the chip on our V2 Universal Serial:UART/IIC/I2C/SPI Adapter for 128x64 LCD DS12864LCD-UNA-V2, now according to many customers' requestion, we list the chip here, so, you can embed it on your PCB directly, you can find the connection diagram at the bottom of the list, both .pdf and eagle CAD .sch available for downloading, the package of chip is standard SSOP28.


  1. Automatic detect the GLCD if controller chip is one of ST7920/KS0108/ST7565(SPI) and all other compatible chips, but can't auto detect ST7565 @ parallel mode.
  2. The firmware can be upgraded by using the on-chip bootloader, HOWTO: https://www.digole.com/fw,We able to custom the firmware as requested for users who order large quantity of it (contat us first), update and test the firmware at user's field, save user's developping time.
  3. Embedded Digole LCD engine in the firmware, include display characters and graphics,manage power, backlight and serial port comminucations, easy to drive the GLCD, save huge programming space on your MCU.
  4. 16KB on-board flash memory give you the ability to store 16x full screen mono images, or splash screen and custom fonts, also save the momory space on your MCU.

TIPS for ST7565 GLCD display:
  For using ST7565 parallel interface, please use 6800-series only(PS=C68=High), the RD pin on LCD now as E pin, connect to [LCD-E] on our chip, and WR pin on LCD is RD/WR, connect to [LCD-R/W] on chip.

  Regarding the speed at SPI or Parallel, according our test few years before, even at SPI mode on ST7565 was faster than at Parallel mode on ST7920 (ST7920 has internal Chinese charater set), here is the video.

  Because ST7565 were widely used on 12864 GLCD now, also the ST7565 has many commands to control the LCD futures: directions, internal voltages and the contrast, it is little bit trick for user to drive such GLCD properly. so, this adapter may not work with some ST7565 GLCD before properly setting, the adapter has a special command to set the ST7565 parameters: "SLCD", "SLCD0" set parameters for ST7565 @SPI, "SLCD3" set parameters for ST7565 @parallel, after this command, followed 8 bytes of setting.

  Don't repeat this setting if the adapter already work with your GLCD properly!
  Here are the key settings in the 8 bytes parameter for ST7565:

  If you lost the default setting, you can send this C format data to adapter: SPI:"SLCD0\xA0\xA2\xC8\x25\xA7\x81\x18\x40", parallel "SLCD3\xA0\xA2\xC8\x25\xA7\x81\x18\x40".     You may need to try different setting to let your LCD works well.

following are the brief of functions of command that applied on this module: 

Download Programing Manual
Download Arduino lib and demo code
Other lib and sample code

Online tools:

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Watch Arduino Demo Code Video on Youtube

Connection diagram for embedded user:

Universal Chip_Connection.pdf (.pdf file)

Universal_Chip_Connection_sch.zip (unzip to .sch file for eagle CAD)

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