Free online Digole serial display emulator

Digole Serial display modules are available here

User/Program Manual for all Digole Serial display

Here are the link for available hardware, Thanks for the contributor:

Platform Web Link Author
Arduino Download Arduino lib and demo code Digole, Aug. 2023
C Download C lib  Digole
mbed mbed  Library Michael Shimniok
Spark Core Digole UART/I2C/SPI Display Library  Timothy
  User Manual Digole
VB VB lib  Thomas Baumann
Tessel lib Moflo
Useful Forum link
Spark Core

Please download new digole Arduino lib and demo code if you are using Arduino 1.5.0 and upper, new code is compatible with all Arduino IDE.
If you still using old sample code on New Arduino IDE, please add following line at the top of sample code:

typedef const unsigned char prog_uchar;

The data type of "prog_uchar" was deprecated in New version of Arduino .