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I tried the digole-emu.php, problems...

I wanted to create a new startup screen using the digole-emu.php.

I set the DIPLAY MODULE to "160x120 Mono LCD"

Select Command to "Display 1 bit Format Image"

The "PNG" graphic file I created uploaded fine

"SHOW DESIGN" showed my graphic file exactly as built, (a white background with black characters)

I then saved a "Binary File" of my graphic

Then I sent the binary file to the display using CoolTerm .

The image displays fine except...

The colors are reversed, the background is now black and the characters are now white and any part of the screen that doesn't contain the graphic remains white.

A few years ago I used PicturetoC_Hex_converter.php successfully so I went back and tried to make my image there.

Everything worked fine, web page showed my graphic correctly, but the binary file generated would not display in my module.

Since it appears the PicturetoC_Hex_converter.php no longer works, how can I get digole-emu.php to create files that look like my graphic?

RE:I tried the digole-emu.php, problems...

The default display mode in Emulater is black background, but the production is white background as default, so, you can use "INV1" to change the setting before drawing any thing on the screen.

OR use this tool to invert image data:


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