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Help (example) to load a jpg to flash memory

I just got a 800x480 V7 module with 16MB flash (and touch); I'm using the I2C interface

I'd like to test the storing/retriving of imames to/from the Flash, but honestly the manual is quite confusing to me.
I used the Digital Photo Frame tool to convert a 442x660 picture of Angelina Jolie to 'angelina.txt' and 'angelina.bin' in the same folder of the arcuino sketch...and next?

The start of the TXT file is:
Digole Digital Photo Frame
module=B, Orient=0, Qaulity=80, Delay=18, startN= ,

while the BIN is:all in Hex so I can not report here.

The manual only shows an example using the serial interface  and  then it report the Arduino command:
Arduino lib function: flashWrite(address, length, *data);

No one of the above parameters are clear to me:
- address: should I use any addr starting from 0 (welcome screen) or aftrer the 4 fonts 65K banks?

- lenght: which length? the 442x660x8 bytes (2,333,760 according to what Windows says or there is any header space I should consider?

- data:: how can I feed the file I got from the DPF (and witch? the txt or the bin?); I mean, supposing to use the angelina.bin file, syntactally how do I write it?
In my Arduino sketch I could write something like:
 #include pict.h // a separate file
chat pic[] = .{...} //in the header file I insert the bytes inside the rackets...which one, txt or bin file?

As you see I'm totally lost right now; I would greatly appreciate to have a short and simple example of what to do.

Mny thanks

P.S. I have a similar problem with the font downloading



RE:Help (example) to load a jpg to flash memory

There are 3 modes to use flash memory chips at V7.x

  1. Direct address access mode. This mode compatible with all previous version of display
  2. File mode. This mode only available since V7.x, the flash memory can be operated like a memory disk
  3. Combined mode. This mode can use the flash memory at mode 1) and 2) simultaneously, but need to use command "FLMRS" or Arduino funciton:reserveFlash(uint32_t length) to reserve memory space for direct address access mode, otherwise, mode 1) and 2) will share the same memory space. eg.: if the display has 2MB flash chip, then use: reserveFlash(1000000L) will reserve about 1MB space for direct access, and 1MB was left for file space. See the details: https://www.digole.com/m/V7_FLMRS.htm

The tool of "Digital Photo Frame" is a completed tool for make a V7.x display as a digital photo frame, if want to save any images to display, you can:

  1. use a software such as PS to convert any iamges to the .jpg format (baseline format only) and save it to a file on computer.
  2. use command"fSAVEfilename " or arduino function:saveFile(const char *fnameuint8_t *data) to copy this .jpg file to display,see:https://www.digole.com/m/V7_fSAVE.htm
  3. use command"JPEG" follow with file name and space to show this .jpg file on the display panel.

The JPEG decoder on V7.x can't work at direct address access mode

If want convert a image to the raw data and display that by using command "EDIMx", then use our online emulator: https://www.digole.com/tools/digole-emu.php

The .TXT file is project file, can be loaded and edited to/by our online tools later. the .bin file is binary file and can donwload to display. 

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