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OLED Color chart / color lookup table for setColor()

I have  a 1.8" Serial: UART/I2C/SPI True Color OLED160x128 OLED display and I need some
programming information about the "SCB" Set Color for following display;
setColor(1) Arduino command

Please advise how the display color is determined or how RGB is calculated or is there a chart
showing what the values 0 - 255 mean ?



RE:OLED Color chart / color lookup table for setColor()

There are 2 color systems on this module, 8bit and 18 bit, the 18 bit is easy understanding, each color occupy 6bit, so 3 bytes data needed for 18bit system, for the 8 bit color system, each color were assigned as follow:

B7  B6  B5  B4  B3  B2  B1  B0

R     R    R    G    G    B    B    B

In order to comaptible with older Black/White Digole serial display, the color:1 map to color 255 (White)

So, the available color for RGB are:

Red: 0 ~ 7
Green: 0 ~ 3
Blue: 0 ~ 7

The value of 255 is the brightest white, 0B01001010 is the darkest grey, due to Green value only have 4 steps, so there are only 3 steps on grey.

RE:OLED Color chart / color lookup table for setColor()

Thankyou Victor





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