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Read cursor position


I'm using your LCD IPS display and the API is great, but I very miss one feature - read actual text/graphic cursor position. Will be possible to add this feature in the future firmware update?



RE:Read cursor position

Can you tell me why you want this function? I think that you don't need this function because you can specify the cursor position at any where on the screen. 

RE:Read cursor position

Thank you for the fast response.

For example when I want to display some measurement in format: "Description: Value". My goal is to print "Description: " only once, and then periodically print the value. But without possibility of reading cursor position after printing "Description: " I don't know where to print updated value.

Another option is a function, that returns width of given text, but I think returning actual cursor position is easier to implement needs less data transfers.


RE:Read cursor position

 Got your opinion, we will think about this. Thanks for your suggestions.

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