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Fastest refresh method

Hi Everyone,

I am currently using the below LCD for the eyes of a toy we are designing. Basically I want to show some GIFs on the LCD of different stuff such as eyes smiling, crying etc..

The LCD that I have has a 16M flash and so my current method involves converting images to 8 bit hex for EDIM1 command and saving them to the onboard flash as a Command set. When I want to show the GIF I use the Run Command set command (FLMCSa). I run it multiple times with different pictures to show a moving object.

My question is which method is faster to use when loading from the onboard flash EDIM1, EDIM2, EDIM3 or VIDEO? Does the microcontroller do some manipulation to convert from 8bit to 16bit so it might be faster to just go ahead and use 16bit? Furthermore, what is the speed used to load from the onboard flash memory? Writing to LCD using SPI is done at an SPI speed of 10Mhz so I would suspect that this might be the same. Is there a way how to speed this up?

Thanks :) 

RE:Fastest refresh method

"VIDEO" command only accept data from serial port, not from onboard flash memory, at display direction 0, 16bit is fastest, other direction, 18bit (3 bytes) is fastest.

RE:Fastest refresh method

You can probably save bandwidth when both eyes look the same. You then have to store data for only one eye and mirror the output to draw the second.



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