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How to get and use a font for the DS320240IPS display

Hi, I'm new here and with the Digole products (very interesting); I just got this display and I'm test
iI use the display with an Arduino Nano board, programming with the Arduino IDE.

I would need to use a font with a size of the 51 (?) but the aspect of font 10 (no serif, Arial style).

The instructions on manual are not cleart to me, the font management is confusing;
Is there a similar font I can download somewhere? And how ?

I see this line:  downloadUserFont(length, *data, index);
but what   lenght I should specify?
And I do not have the 'data' anyway.




RE:How to get and use a font for the DS320240IPS display

Hi Orionis:
Font 51 is one of the 7 internal font, you can use it directly by change the current font (font 10 when power on) to it by using command:


More details see here:


to download user fonts: https://www.digole.com/m/SUF.htm

If the display preinstalled flash memory chip, then you also can use font's data in saved in memory.

You can find all available fonts here: https://github.com/olikraus/u8glib/wiki/fontsize. or make yourself fonts from any images by using Digole online tool: https://www.digole.com/forum.php?topicID=330

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