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800x480 display: Screen_Over_511

In the manual I read: '#define _Screen_Over_511_  if using Arduino Library.'
I'm using the Arduino library <DigoleSerial.h>.

What is it for? I mean, I made a very basic sketch just to test fonts and geometries: without that define everything is correct, but when I add the define the display shows a mess; even the screen rotation does not do its work anymore.
So, should it be avoided?

Other question: about the text positioning:
both the 'Move current position(TPxy)' and 'Enhanced move current position(ETPxy)' reports the Arduino function: setPrintPos(x,y,0);

Since the same command can not do two different actions, I believe that the '0' inside the function call will enabel/disable the per pixel postion (0 or 1),, but which one of the two? (unfortunately I can not test them right now due to a PC problem).


RE:800x480 display: Screen_Over_511

Please use the online HTML user manual:https://www.digole.com/m/. Digole will not mantain the .pdf manual after v7.x.

setPrintPos(x,y,0); 0--as character, 1--as pixel

here is the source of code in Arduino lib:

void DigoleSerialDisp::setPrintPos(unsigned int x, unsigned int y, uint8_t graph) {

    if (graph == 0) {
    } else {
        writeStr("GP");  //same with "ETP"
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