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Trying to get reliable readings from 320x240 touch screen over SPI

 I've got a bunch of LCd modules with fw 6.2

The touch screen behaviour is different to earlier versions.  Previously, I could poll the SPI with SS held high to see if the touch screen was ready.  The newer touch screen doesn't support this.  I can read it successfully, but the touch screen is unreliable if I try to read it after "SC" screenclear or "SD" rotation.  How can I tell if the touch screen is ready?  If the touch screen isn't ready and I write "RPNXYI", I get 0x49000000 or sometimes 0xFF00F000


Also, the contrast is lower.  Is ti possible to increase it?

RE:Trying to get reliable readings from 320x240 touch screen over SPI

Hi There,

Please insert a delay 50ms after reading data commands sent to display.

Use this way to pull out the data from display via SPI:

1) set SS to high;

2) Check SDO, if SDO low, go back 1);

3) if SDO high, means data is ready to read out. set SS to low;

4) shift out 8bit.

5) go back 1) if need read out more bytes

To check if the touch panel pressed, use "RPNXYI" to read 2 integers and check if the value in the range of screen's pixels.

The return coordinate data will map to the setting of the orientation set by "SD".


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