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digole's welcome message troncated

 hi  everybody

i bought recently a digole'display with touch screen and sd card slot wich works fine but i have some questions to ask

1° during firsts tests, the first line of digole's wellcome message has disapared (if i remember it was version number line), so actually i dont' know for some commands if they are reserved

for upper versions that mine's

question : how i can do to retrieve this information

2° it seems that that back ground color command 'BGC" do not works, but may be linked to first question ?


all advices are wellcome

thanks by advance

jyb (french)



RE:digole's welcome message troncated

 If some lines at the edge of screen missed, the problem may because the touch screen panel covered it, you can use a thin blade to pry the touch panel off from the screen, then re-align it.

The "BGC" just copy the current foreground color to back ground, so, you need set a foreground color first, then copy it use "BGC".

RE:digole's welcome message troncated

 hi service

i understand what you mind but it is not a phisical probleme as the label mask which had moved and hide a part of screen

what i said is that the digole's wellcome message  is displayed fine but the first line (version line) is missing, just only an empty line is displayed followed by other lines of message

an that occurs during the firsts test when i was trying commands 

it's not very important but i would understand what's happened and how i can retrieve the original message


RE:digole's welcome message troncated

 Could you please take a picture to show that?

RE:digole's welcome message troncated

 hi service

i took a picture of display but i tried to join it to this message  unsuccesfully

i dont know how to  join a picture onto message

does i must let pictures on the server ?  how may i do that




RE:digole's welcome message troncated

 Please send the picture to our service email address: 



RE:digole's welcome message troncated

hi service

picture was sent by email and victor gave me the solution which works fine

thanks a lot 



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