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Direct access to touch screen

I need information on polling the touch screen on the 2.4" module.

Specifically how do I use the RPBNXYI command ?

What is the syntax? how do I get the return bytes to an Arduino.

Alos is there a definitive list of commands for this device, some like display.write

do not seem to be refered to anywhere. Any info would be appreciated.



RE:Direct access to touch screen

 If you need to check the touch screen pressed or not, you better use "PENIRQ" signal, this signal will pull to low when touch screen pressed, you can use it as interrupt source for you controller, then you have lot of time free from checking the touch screen.

For "RPNXYI" command or other read touch screen commands, you need to send these commands to moudle through UART/I2C/SPI, then read 4 bytes of data from the moudle which represent X,Y position, if you using "RPNXYI" and if the touch panel not pressed, it will return 4 bytes of wild data and usually over the screen range, so, you can check the X,Y range to determine if the touch panel pressed or not.

RE:Direct access to touch screen

I want to use the direct command as the interrupt system would conflict with other uses.

I do not seem able to talk to the controller with this direct command.

Can you show a code segment which sends the command and collects the

bytes. It is this information I am missing. I.E. how do you send direct commands??



dennis cowdery

RE:Direct access to touch screen

 Our Arduino lib is a good example to send command to the module, please refer to that.

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