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about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 hi service

i am now writing and testing the routines for touch screen and some problems are appearing

the link with my pic 18f46k22 is done by uart at 115200bauds which run fine with display

i tried the touch panel's commands  and first results lets me disapointed because of instability on coordonates issues

for a same point depressed ,coordonates resulting gives a very large variation that can't be due to a short moving of the pen

i would know if coordonates values of pixels matrix are on same scale of coordonates values returned by touch screen system

for identify which touch is actuated, my idea is to make a comparison between coordonate issued by touch screen system and the "graphic" coordonates  of a button drawn on screen 

all advices are wellcomes




RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 Run touch screen calibration command, then test it.

RE:about touch screen on DS320240CTFT_56T

 hello service

 first i whish you a merry xmas

just a question about using touch screen panel

 for each time i wait for a touch depress , must i send to DIGOLE a  "RPNXYC " command before read the uart

or i must send just only one time the "RPNXYC" command at start of firmware ,and after just need to read the uart's buffer ,as the touch panel keep "aware for ever" 

and gives XY parameters as soon as it detect a pressed touch

thanks by advance



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