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16 Mo flash memory ID please

 hello service


i own a  DS320240CTFT_56T which works fine 

as it had a footprint for a memory chip i would add to it the 16Mo flash memory module

but can't read its name on the photo, please  would you give me the chip id ? i belive something 24c..

thanks on advance


RE:16 Mo flash memory ID please

 You can't add the chip, the firmware on the module not support the flash memory chip.

RE:16 Mo flash memory ID please

 hi service

ok i understand , so , would you please tell me what screen's reference i must order:  it will be largest color screen + touch sreen + 16mbyte flash + sd card

i am very satisfied for the one i own , but do you plan to build largest screens like 4 " or more ?




RE:16 Mo flash memory ID please

Hello Dear,

We are glad you satisfy to your order from us, the maximum screen size with full color + touch+flash is 2.6" IPS module currently.

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