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Problem switching to 2.6in V3.3 display SPI Mode

I had a 1.8in display running v2.x in SPI mode successully using library control of data, clk, and ss.

I used the exact same hardware configuration and software to attempt to run a 2.8in V3.3 display.

I was able to turn off  the welcome screen and config version, but all I am left with is a blank screen.

No example in the library will run at all.

Any suggestions?

RE:Problem switching to 2.6in V3.3 display SPI Mode

 Please redownload the new Arduino lib if you are using Arduino and make a little bit change on your code according to this topic:


The SPI mode was set to 2 in V3.3 by accidently (known bug recently).

RE:Problem switching to 2.6in V3.3 display SPI Mode

I downloaded the "new: library as suggested. The results follow, I will continue this in the new library post you suggested.

With Arduino Pro Mini 16Mhz 5V  IDE1.6.7 and 2.8in display SPI on pins 8,9,10

Not one example works all from this library





No change ifI try IDE 1.6.0

The following does not work:

#include <Wire.h>
#define _Digole_Serial_SPI_
#include <DigoleSerial.h>
DigoleSerialDisp mydisp( 8,9,10 );

int last_ticks=0;
unsigned long last_sample_time=0;
unsigned long t_distance;
float l_speed=0;
uint8_t g1_x,g1_y,g2_x,g2_y,g3_x,g3_y;
uint8_t g2t,g3t;
uint8_t speed_tmp;
int graph_i=0;

void setup() {
    mydisp.clearScreen(); //CLear screen
    mydisp.setPrintPos(0, 7, _TEXT_);
    mydisp.setPrintPos(0, 8, _TEXT_);
    mydisp.setPrintPos(0, 9, _TEXT_);
    mydisp.print("Rcdr ");
    mydisp.setMode('C'); //set graphic Drawing Mode to COPY
    mydisp.drawHLine(0, 30, 159); //draw horizontal Line
    mydisp.drawHLine(0, 60, 159); //draw horizontal Line
    mydisp.drawHLine(0, 90, 159); //draw horizontal Line
void loop() {

Graphics in particular seems broken.

Please help.


RE:Problem switching to 2.6in V3.3 display SPI Mode

Very sorry dear, there is a bug in Arduino Lib, please re-download the Arduino lib, then it should work.

Also, please add the following line as 1st line in your code:

#define Ver 33           //if the version of firmware on display is V3.3 and newer, use it
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