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V3.3 SPI is basically non functional

I have 320 x 240 lcd colour screen with V3.3 firmware. Control is from a PIC 18F26K22 programmed in asembler, so there are NO libraries to deal with. The screen functions perfectly with a UART connection, but SPI is impossible. Some of the commands display, others are just dropped and do not. Tried from 50k clock up to 1mhz clock and could find no improvement. Tried the pull up / down resistors on CLK and SS - no improvenment. Dissappointing because I wanted the speed of SPI, but I gues I will have to go back to UART

RE:V3.3 SPI is basically non functional

You need set CKP=1 and CKE=1 when using SPI mode in V3.3.

We switched SPI mode to mode 2 by accident in V3.3, it supposed be mode 0 as usual (CKP=0, CKE=1), we will fix this bug in V3.4.

RE:V3.3 SPI is basically non functional

Thanks -- I did not see the document describing this change. Now it is working in SPI - great

RE:V3.3 SPI is basically non functional

Hi, can you please describe where did you changed that?


thank you!

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