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Color TFT 2.2" v3.1 and 3.3 not working



I am really desapointing, because I had three v3.1 displays and did all my code and everything was fine. Then I wanted to extend and add two more displays so I bought new ones. They came with this buggy 3.3 version. Alright, I came here on the forum and downloaded the new Lib for arduino but still doesn't work!

The new Lib with a little bit of tweking on the code works with the older displays but the Background Color function just don't on the v3.3

I am using something simple like this:


The display turns Blue and I can't do nothing to change the color. Only if I power off. The old version handle this nicely with the new Lib.

Then I saw the other post here where was recomended to add #define Ver 33. So I did it, and then nothing happens. I supose is on this bug on the SPI line.

This is very annoing!

Can you please help us with a really good explained guide, not just only superficialy and expert oriented?

Thank you!

RE:Color TFT 2.2


#define Ver 33

at the beginning of your sketch and the newest Arduino lib should work, if you are using other MCU, please set the SPI mode to 2.

RE:Color TFT 2.2

Where do I change the SPI mode to 2?

RE:Color TFT 2.2

 Are you using Arduino and our Arduino lib? if you do, the only need is use our laterest Arduino lib and add:

#define Ver 33

at the beginning of your sketch, if you are using other MCU, please refer Mode numbers section on:




RE:Color TFT 2.2

Like I wrote on my first post, I am using Arduino and the latest lib from your website. (Actually I am using Teensy 3.2 but is 100% arduino compatible).

I wrote "#define Ver 33" on the beginning of my code but everything turns crazy and print just a unteligible amount of characters. 

I tried "mydisp.setSPIMode(2);" but nothing changed.

Please, help me! I am losing so much time with it! My code was done and only because of this firmware "upgrade"(?) I am having this trouble.

Thank you!

RE:Color TFT 2.2

 setSPIMode() function is only available in firmware V3.4.

It seems that you used V3.1 and V3.3 displays in same system as SPI mode? if you did, you need both old and latest Arduino lib.

Download the older version of Arduino lib Old Arduino Lib(Dec 2015) and install it in lib folder which name is: DigoleSerial_old.


#define Ver 33
#define _Digole_Serial_SPI_  //To tell compiler compile the special communication only, 
#include <DigoleSerial.h>
#include <DigoleSerial_old.h>
//old display use this
DigoleSerialDisp_old mydispold1(8,9,2,11);  //old display module, use SPI mode 0
//V3.3 display use this, use SPI mode 2
DigoleSerialDisp mydisp4(8,9,3,11);  //SPI:Pin 8: data, 9:clock, 10: SS, 11:SI. you can assign 255 to SS, and hard ground SS pin on module
Even new lib can handle any version of display module, but it can't do that at meantime, so, that's why that in your system, if new module work but old not, or old work but new not.
Note: for older module, you still need use:
  mydispold.setBgColor();  //use current color as background
to set back ground color (or you can change the the setBgColor() function in the lib to make it same with new version.
If you connect all display modules in parallel, and display different content on screen, the SS pin should be different, if display same content on all screen, the Clock pin on older module and newer module should be different, because the SPI mode 0 and 2 use different polarity on clock pin
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