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How to diagnose non working 2.4" Display

My 2.4" display unit does not seem to work, I have tried connecting with a USB->TTL and powering with 3.3V and also with 5V but get nothing from the device - just a dark screen.  Sending commands using a terminal also does not have any effect.

Reading other posts in the forum it seems like these displays should display something when power is applied even if no commands are sent, is this a correct assumption?  Are there any other tests I can perform to confirm this is a DOA unit?

Thanks for any advice anyone can give.


RE:How to diagnose non working 2.4

1) Check the power supply on the module, the Vcc can't over 7V, otherwise, the module might be burnt, also make sure not reversed.

2) Send commant "BL1" to the module, you probably turn the back light off

RE:How to diagnose non working 2.4

 Thanks for the advice, it turned out to be a poor ground connection, I resoldered it today and now get the startup screen :)

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