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Welcome Screen Command Set Question for Firmware >= 3.2

 In the newer firmwares (3.2 and higher) which removed the 2-byte size at the start of the Command Set for the OLED Welcome Screen, there now needs to be a 0xFF at the end to signal the end-of-command-set.

My question is around other 0xFF's in the Command Set, will that mess up the firmware now? I have Command Sets that draw 8-bit images, which do have some white pixels (i.e. 0xFF). I also clear the background to white by setting the color register to 0xFF. I don't have my 3.4 OLED panel yet, but do you need to avoid having 0xFF in any Command Set outside of the last character?



RE:Welcome Screen Command Set Question for Firmware >= 3.2

 If the 0XFF belong to a command, the module will treat it as data, only extra 0XFF's indicate the end of command set.

eg.: "TT\xFF\x00", this 0XFF is data, but:

"TT\x00\xFF", this 0XFF is end indicater, because 0X00 ended "TT" command, and the following 0XFF is an extra value.

RE:Welcome Screen Command Set Question for Firmware >= 3.2

 Wonderful! Thanks!


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