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Feature Request: Ability to set User Font starting address

Since currently the User Fonts are set at fixed addresses, space in the MCU memory can be wasted if you have user fonts that are less than 3.5K in size.

It would be nice if these fixed addresses to where each of the User Fonts starts could be changed, to allow a single font to be larger than 3.5K and still allow multiple fonts.

My suggestion would be to have a new firmware command that allows you to assoc. an address with a User Font ID (i.e. set the address where font 200 starts, etc.)

I am not sure if the current firmware makes special use of the font ID to calculate the correct address, but it should be easy to look up into a table to get default address or user changed addresses.


RE:Feature Request: Ability to set User Font starting address

 Good idea, but the problem is that need extra code to do it, and the program flash memory almost full used right now, this will need to reduce some of the functions or user fonts' space to vacate more space for program.

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