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2.6" Digole Serial IPS Display Modules

Flash Size:
  • 2MB
  • 16MB
  • None
Touch Panel:
  • No
  • Yes
Ship from:
  • Canada
  • China


    Displays are very useful for electronic devices, especially for handheld or battery-powered instruments. but in most cases, it is difficult to embed a display in, the developer needs to drive the display byte-to-byte and pixel to pixel, and can cause the display driver to be much complicated than the device its own.
    Now Digole serial displays can help: an embedded MCU and necessary circuits are preinstalled on the display; it can work at UART, I2C and SPI mode by simply setting the jumper on the PCB. the MCU takes care of all driving tasks to the display panels; you as a developer only need to send a few bytes to the serial display, then let it do things by itself, such as and not limited to:

  1. Display text;
  2. Draw basic graphics;
  3. Draw images;
  4. Save/read data to/from flash chip on display (64KB~16MB);
  5. Power management (low to 20uA at sleep mode);
  6. Touch screen (for 2.4" and larger displays);
  7. Display the video stream.
  8. All output to screen can be rotated in 4 directions

    All above functions work through the serial port. All Digole serial displays use the same commands and protocol.

    The 0.95" mini to 4.3" large serial displays are available from Digole, OLED, LCD, TFT, IPS are also available.

    Digole also provides some free online tools to accelerate customer development:  

  1. Digole serial display emulator : it lists all available commands for the selected display (good for learning). Show the result on computer screen. Save the design to a file and load it later. Produce the C string or Arduino (C++) file. It also can convert all formats of pictures to the useable data for the display
  2. Varies library for coding
  3. The forum to exchange experience and get help from Digole
  4. Digole font maker : Use this series tool to make your custom fonts, that have two tools: 1) Font image separator. First you need a picture file which includes all your characters in one row, use this tool to put mark between each character; 2) Font maker : it produces the C format data from file in 1)
  5. Image file to C converter : This tool can produce different image size and color depth from pictures
  6. 256 Color code table : Simple and easy to find a color data with 8bit color depth

Full set of functions: